Day: June 11, 2020

André 3000’s Iconic Jumpsuits Are Turning Into Charitable T-Shirts

Back in 2014, OutKast’s long-awaited run of reunion shows, rap iconoclast André 3000 swapped out his next-level style for something a little starker: a series of black jumpsuits with bold graphic statements printed across the front. Some were political and provoking (“across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?”) while others skewed positively quirky (“replace your toothbrush”). Now, the hip-hop and style legend is selling T-shirts with many of the same slogans, with 100% of the net profits going to support the organization Movement for Black Lives. The limited-edition collection was announced earlier today, and will only be available for the next three days via André 3000’s official website.

Courtesy of André 3000

The eye-catching jumpsuits have developed a bit of a passionate following in the years since their debut. First, all 47 jumpsuits from the original run were shown at Art Basel in December 2014, and then

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