Day: June 10, 2020

How to Raise a Million Bucks for Charity with T-Shirts, According to Brain Dead’s Kyle Ng

So I hit up our friend Dev Hynes [of Blood Orange] and was like, “Yo, are you cool to do this?” And he’s like, “Fuck yeah.” We made it a T-shirt in the next two hours and we launched it the next day. There’s something about that energy of just being able to create stuff very fluidly with your friends that I think is so important.

People felt that energy—it was almost a subconscious energy, and you could tell it wasn’t coming from some corporate campaign or structure. Right now, the people are really the strength and if you support the people they’ll support you.

What’s the story behind the design?
We were like, “What should it say?” He gave us the idea for the Blood Orange graphic, but then the main thing was the back, and we weren’t really sure what to put there. And then his girlfriend [and

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