Day: June 8, 2020

Nine Fundraising T-Shirts That Join the Great Tradition of Radical Streetwear

On the one hand, if you have few extra bucks, the best way to join the fight against police brutality is to make a direct donation. But you can vote in other ways with your wallet, too—by supporting black-owned brands, or by steering your dollars to goods for a cause. One way to do that: the humble, radical graphic tee. Streetwear labels, skate brands, and even a few fashion lines have a long history of practicing meaningful activism through T-shirts, from Katharine Hamnett’s “58% DON’T WANT PERSHING” shirt, which the designer wore to a meeting with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to protest the proliferation of nuclear missiles in Europe, to Supreme’s 2001 T-shirt commemorating the death of anti-globalization activist Carlo Giuliani. T-shirt activism has more recently been one of fashion’s more questionable practices—an easy box to check, satisfying the industry’s halfhearted calls for change—but a number of GQ

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