Day: May 19, 2020

Matthew Wolff and His Tie-Dyed Nikes Are Here to Save Golf Style

Yesterday, to the tune of a million contented sighs from sofas across the nation, men’s golf became one of the first sports to return to live broadcast TV. The afternoon saw PGA Tour stars Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy pair off against Rickie Fowler and up-and-comer Matthew Wolff in a socially distanced skins match, presented by TaylorMade, that collected money for COVID-19 relief. Johnson and McIlroy played for the American Nurses Foundation; Fowler and Wolff for the CDC Foundation. In all, the event raised over $5.5 million—and provided a shockingly normal afternoon of television. (And it won’t be the last event of its kind: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will tee off for charity this coming weekend.)

The whole thing—and I watched from start to finish—was oddly thrilling. The production had an almost DIY feel (the PGA Tour’s CEO, Seth Waugh, had promised nothing less than

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25 Things I’m Buying During Violet Grey’s Memorial Day Sale

My adoration for Violet Grey (aka, one of my favorite retailers, which only offers the crème de la crème of beauty offerings) comes at a price. And yes, I mean that literally. Even though I’ve been leaning into more affordable skincare and makeup, I’ve had champagne taste, according to my mom, since preschool. Eek, I can’t help it! I pretty much always have a running list of splurge-worthy lipsticks, face creams, hair masks, and other glittering beauty concoctions I desperately want to slather all over my body.

But back to those high-price stakes I mentioned. Due to Violet Grey’s highly selective nature, the majority of products it offers swings heavily toward the “intense” side of the cost pendulum. Therefore, when I do splurge for something on my wish list, it’s usually in one- or two-product increments. I’m totally fine with this cycle, and it gives me

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Hollywood's Costume Designers Share the Secrets to Creating Authentic '40s Style

If you haven’t already finished watching Netflix’s Hollywood, don’t worry—there are no spoilers ahead—and if you haven’t even started, prepare to carve out a block in your schedule because you’ll want to binge this fanciful-yet-fulfilling eight-episode miniseries immediately. 

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan of Ryan Murphy or his remarkable cast of recurring characters in order to appreciate the sheer beauty of Hollywood. Although I happen to appreciate Murphy’s particular brand of over-the-top television (see: Nip/Tuck, The Politician, and American Horror Story: Coven, in particular), I knew Hollywood was my next must-see as soon as the first promo images were released.  

Set within Hollywood’s studio system in the post-war ’40s, the series tells an atypical tale of young ingenues and rugged romantic leads vying for stardom and the creatives and executives that usher them into the spotlight. As the fictitious Camille Washington, Laura Read More