Day: May 16, 2020

The Best Celebrity Watches from Self-Isolation

It’s going to take more than a shelter-in-place order to keep watch obsessives away from their wristwear. In March, a RolexForum user asked the group if they were still wearing their watches in quarantine. The answers spilled in: “Of course.” “Absolutely.” “Yup, everyday.” And: “Why wouldn’t you want to wear it at home?” Celebrities, too, won’t let self-isolation get in the way of showing off their best timepieces. There are still ‘fit pics, IGTV episodes, and even snapshots from workouts to flex for. For Drake, a family photoshoot was reason enough to bring out not one but two Patek Philippe watches, either of which would be the crown jewel in anyone else’s collection. In this edition of Watches of the Week, we run through the best watches we’ve clocked since the world hit the pause button in March.

Courtesy of Drake’s Instagram

Drake’s Patek Philippe 40th-anniversary edition Nautilus

You know

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Biotin and Vitamin C Might Cause Your Skin to Break Out

In short, ingesting vitamin C does not have the same potential to irritate the skin or cause breakouts as topical vitamin C, because the modality of absorption and form of vitamin C is different,” confirms Koszyk.

“Vitamin C is one of those nutrients that are as popular skincare actives as they are as dietary nutrients. What’s interesting is the different modalities of topical application versus ingestion work best with different forms of vitamin C. Vitamin C and many antioxidants in plants and superfoods are unstable when used as topical skincare, so we can’t expect a vitamin C–rich citrus fruit to yield those same great nutritional wellness benefits just by rubbing it on our skin.”

However, ingesting vitamin C is a different story, she says. “Our bodies are adapted to absorb vitamin C through our food, so ingesting a vitamin C–rich fruit is the best way to reap the

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3 Outdated Swimsuit Trends People Are Skipping in 2020

Last summer feels like a very long time ago, doesn’t it? Many snowflakes have fallen between now and then, but swimsuit season is coming yet again, and there’s been plenty of time for retailers and shoppers to move on from one of the biggest swim trends of 2018. We asked Edited, one of our most trusted sources, which swimwear trends are fading away and quickly accelerating this year. Edited is a fashion and retail technology company that uses shopping data to pinpoint the trends that people are embracing, and ditching, every season, and the results it unearths are always seriously enlightening. 

On the subject of swimsuits, Edited market analyst Kayla Marci told us that the major 2019 trend that’s losing the popularity contest in 2020 is slogan one-pieces. Swimsuits with logos and such may have dropped, but there’s a replacement on the horizon. Keep scrolling to find out

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