Day: May 15, 2020

Amazon Is Finally Getting Its Fashion Cred

Toothpaste, the new Jenny Offill novel, an eight-pack of paper towels—and throw in a prairie dress?

Amazon announced today that it is partnering with our neighbors-in-non-pandemic-times Vogue for its Common Thread initiative, an effort to support American designers struggling as a result of the novel coronavirus. As a result, the Everything Store will sell pieces by designers like Batsheva (responsible for the prairie dress phenomenon), Gigi Burris (who made Mahershala Ali’s formal Oscar beanie in 2019), and Tabitha Simmons, as well as a small selection of menswear by 3.1 Philip Lim, Ryan Roche, Jonathan Cohen, and sunglasses designer Krewe. The effort is officially called “Common Threads: Vogue x Amazon Fashion,” and Amazon will also donate $500,000 to the A Common Thread fund, which Vogue established in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) earlier this spring.

This represents a major victory for Amazon, which has long

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The 13 Best Tummy Control Leggings on the Market

Leggings are probably one of the best items of clothing to become a staple in our wardrobes. Not only do they serve as a chic alternative to looser sweatpants and joggers, but they’re also unparalleled in comfort for any sort of activity—whether it’s working out, running errands, or lounging at home. On top of all that, they happen to give your legs an extra lift and added shape—and who doesn’t love that?

If you want to take the shaping effect to the next level, you can always opt for tummy-control leggings. Between high-waisted styles for every day and actual shapewear, these form-fitting bottoms are perfect for the moments you feel your middle section could use an added tuck or extra support.

Below, we’ve gathered the best styles that’ll give your center a little more control. Scroll down to shop them all and add a few pairs to your

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The New Lingerie Trend Everyone’s Wearing on Instagram

Granny panties” are really just a funny term that refers to briefs or high-rise underwear. The stereotype that your grandmother only wears a certain style of underwear has officially been squashed but due to the booming acceptance of fashion having no age limit, women of all ages have been rocking the “granny panty” for years now, and to be honest, I personally find them very sexy.

Since everyone has been spending much more time indoors these days, the sartorial Instagram content flooding our feeds has drastically changed. What was once a sea of fashion girls posting the latest trends and innovative outfits have now transformed into an oasis for loungewear styling tips. One of the at-home outfits I have taken a particular interest in is a simple one, requiring only two items: a tank top and granny panties.

While sweatpants and leggings are certainly dominating the WFH

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