Day: May 11, 2020

No Touch Tools Are Trending Due to Coronavirus

Of course, while masks have been broadly recommended by the CDC, hand tools have not. But as quarantine restrictions end and we’re allowed out of our homes, germs will be top of mind. “This virus will create a whole new generation of germaphobes that will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” Fisher continues. “Even when [Coronavirus] is gone, I think most of us will be hyper-aware of touching surfaces at retail. I would expect to see a long-term effect when it comes to items like these that allow us to live our lives without worrying as much about the germs. I’d also expect this to be a major catalyst in being a cashless, contactless society faster than we ever imagined.” He noted that Suitsupply is considering erecting partitions between its tailors and customers, and that Saks has spoken publicly about making sure its cleaning crews are “front and

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The 5 Best Shoe Styles to Wear With Wide-Leg Pants

It’s no easy feat picking out which shoes to wear with what, and it becomes even harder when you have too many to choose from. To help make dressing easier (and more manageable), especially when it comes to your footwear, we’ve put together a handful of guides about which heels, sandals, and sneakers pair best with which pieces in your wardrobe. We’ve already created a need-to-know guide covering the best shoes to wear with bootcut jeans, picked out the top styles to pair with skinny jeans, and today, we’re focusing in on the best shoes to wear with wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are billowy, flowy, and typically start to flare at the top, unlike the slightly more toned-down bootcut version, which gains volume toward the ankles. When picking shoes for wide-leg jeans, you want to choose a pair that works with their voluminous silhouette. Some styles that are

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Who What Wear Spotlight: How We’re Helping Small Businesses

Who What Wear Spotlight was born when our co-founder Katherine Power had the idea to use some of our ad inventory to support small fashion and beauty businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19. Starting tomorrow, each week we will turn the spotlight on a company that will receive a complimentary weeklong media package featuring the company, including a suite of custom ads to run on Who What Wear, social promotion, and an editorial story on 

With these efforts, we are extending a hand to the fashion-and-beauty community, using our ad inventory for good, and directing our global audience of 16+ million monthly avid shoppers to the brands that need their support the most. Our audience still wants to shop and see the best new brands and cares more than ever about who they are choosing to support with their dollar, so this is a win-win for both the

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