Day: May 10, 2020

This Watch Is the Perfect Match for Batman and Bruce Wayne

Seinfeld’s choice caused a minor stir in the collecting community, leading folks to start paying more attention to vintage Heuers. “I bought one,” says Wind, who credited Seinfeld for helping putting the pieces on the map for him and other collectors. “It was one of my first vintage watches.”

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All the President’s Vulcain Crickets

In 1949, Swiss watch company Vulcain unveiled its new creation, the Cricket, during a glamorous launch at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City. The watch was not the first to be made with an alarm function, but the Cricket is the watch that got people to start taking them seriously. “It really was the iPhone of its day when it was released,” says Wind. Releasing the Cricket at the hotel was a gambit to get the watch on the wrists of American businessmen. “It was targeted towards the American market, which is where

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10 of the Best Beauty Dupes for Holy-Grail Products

I’m incredibly lucky that I get sent some of the most premium beauty products on the market to try out as part of my job. From $260 face creams to $150 facial steamers, I’ve had the chance to test some of the most luxurious formulations and beauty tools to find out what’s worth the hype. So does expensive always equal best? In a word, no. Despite having access to extravagant products and high-end beauty brands, I have found there are tons of affordable options that rival their more expensive counterparts. In fact, there are plenty even the most experienced beauty editors would struggle to differentiate between once applied to the skin.

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These Were the 20 Most Popular Fashion Items of April

If you’re reading this, you already know that Who What Wear’s fashion editors love to shop. And they’re really, really good at it. From trend forecasting to street style and celeb outfit IDs, if it’s worth adding to your wardrobe, we’ve probably written about it and included a handy hyperlink (or as we like to say, “shopped it out”). Whether you’re interested in upgrading your work from home outfits, replacing worn-out bras, or simply finding the best jeans for your figure, Who What Wear has you covered.

Now, a new month means it’s time to turn the spotlight back on our favorite shoppers—you!

Below, you will find the most popular fashion pieces under $100 actually purchased by Who What Wear readers (and, let’s be honest, staffers too) over the past month, along with a few notes about why we also love each item. Think of it

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