Day: May 7, 2020

‘The Last Dance’: Phil Jackson Has the Best Outfits

As ESPN continues to roll out The Last Dance, GQ staffers will make their cases for the ultra-cool doc’s most stylish moments.

I have not enthusiastically or even voluntarily watched a sports game in over 20 years, but I have religiously kept up with The Last Dance for two reasons. The topic happens to coincide with the short-lived period of my childhood when I became a basketball fan in an attempt to impress my father (don’t worry, this isn’t that kind of essay), while the release happens to coincide with a global pandemic that has kept me, along with the rest of the documentary’s record-setting audience, trapped inside the house with no option but to watch all of television in its entirety. The stars, aligning just so, have provided me with a third reason: Phil Jackson. And, by extension, Phil Jackson’s fits.

My unlikely quarantine obsession took root during

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This Is the Average Carat Size for an Engagement Ring

We’ve been noticing a wide range of engagement ring shapes and sizes. Of course, most of the gems in question have been spotted on celebs and trendsetters—in other words, they’re massive by our standards.

But what constitutes a “big” ring in the real world? To get a sense of what you and I would consider a large rock, Who What Wear tapped five diamond experts to spill on the size they think average people would consider big. Then we pooled their answers to find the average carat number.

Keep scrolling to see the final result and learn more from our panel of experts, including why people think this specific size is so jaw-dropping and which other factors go into how large a ring actually appears. Plus, go a bit further to check out recent “big” celeb diamonds and to shop engagement rings of any size.

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25 Cheap Bikinis That Look Anything But

Bikinis are likely the last thing on your mind right now amid the current pandemic we’re in, but if summer beach days and lying outside with your friends is something you daydream about, then this story will hopefully lift your spirits. Oddly, swimwear can come with a pretty high price tag, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you look hard enough, you can find hidden gems that, although they won’t cost you more than $100 (yes, for both pieces combined), they will look like you paid much more than that. 

When it comes to finding cheap swimwear that looks expensive, there are a few things that you should be mindful of: prints, seams, and straps. So long as those few details are examined with a fine-tooth comb, you’ll be fooling everyone as you wear a $17 bikini that looks like it cost $200. 

Ahead, go on

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