Day: May 4, 2020

GQ Best Stuff Box Spring 2020: The Latest Box Is Here With All the Self-Care Goods

Here’s how the GQ Best Stuff Box works: Subscribe ($50 per box or $190 per year to get all four seasonal boxes), and every three months you get a haul of our favorite things, from grooming products and accessories to gadgets.

Earlier this year, we set out to build our Summer 2020 Best Stuff Box around, let’s face it, the season’s biggest concern: looking good at the beach. The crew at Bather—an eight-person team in Canada making some of the best trunks in the game—helped us sort out the style side of the equation. We also assembled an all-star skincare package with the help of luxe, GQ-loved brands. Then the world as we know it changed.

But we’re staying optimistic: Sooner or later, we’ll head to the beach with friends or find a long weekend to get away. This Box is here for when that day comes. In the meantime,

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8 Outfits for Classic Summer Style

As over the moon as I am about all the fun summer style inspiration I’m seeing now that the sun is out in full force, there’s a bit of a storm cloud that inevitably rustles its way to the fore this time of year. It’s not always easy for me to dress for warm months without sacrificing my classic style. I like clean, structured pieces and timeless silhouettes, pieces that, say, could take me from the beach to brunch. This time of year, however, a lot of the tank tops, lightweight dresses, and skirts on offer tend to be designed with different trends in mind, a more free-flowing, beachy vibe. While many vacationers may be in heaven with all these options, I struggle to find breezy, summer-friendly clothes that still fit my classic aesthetic.

I’m not alone. One of Who What Wear’s readers recently shared this same style struggle

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9 Wardrobe Basics Everyone Forgets to Buy

It’s pretty safe to assume that we’d all rather buy an amazing, special fashion item than another boring basic. However, the fact of the matter is that truly the majority of what we wear are basics, and they rarely go out of style, so we keep them for ages. Sure, the latest Prada It shoes have a significantly stronger pull than, say, a pair of black pants, but how many times will you really wear the Prada shoes in comparison to the pants? Exactly. Curious as to which basics are essential and the most versatile, we consulted an expert on the matter: Raleigh, North Carolina–based personal stylist Alex Long.

Long’s company, Alex Long Studio, specializes in personal styling and shopping, closet editing, and even packing. Since her clients are real women who lead busy lives, she’s a trusted source when it comes to how women shop

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