Day: May 1, 2020

Meet Rexhep Rexhepi, the Millenial Making the Most Exciting New Watch Designs In the World

At Baselworld in 2018, a well-respected yet relatively unknown 31-year-old watchmaker named Rexhep Rexhepi debuted the Chronomètre Contemporain, an elegant time-only watch with a completely mesmerizing grand feu enamel dial. When I first saw photos of the Chronomètre hitting the internet, my heart started racing.

Not expecting a reply, I submitted a form email on the website of Rexhepi’s brand, Akrivia, to inquire about purchasing one. The Chronomètre isn’t cheap ($60,000 for the platinum version)—however, it was clear to me that this watch had a quality you can’t put a price on. It has an insane movement—which boasts a 100-hour power reserve, among other innovations—and a case design that is smarter and more considered than any I’ve ever seen. It gave me a feeling that no big-name five-figure watch has in a long time.

To my surprise, I received a reply, offering me the last platinum Chronomètre available for preorder.

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5 Spring Trends a French Girl Will and Won’t Wear

Simply put, French-girl style is where it’s at. For many (myself included), that “je ne sais quoi” approach to dressing is just so highly covetable. As a result, I highlight Parisian fashion on the regular to inspire those similar sartorial sensibilities. In fact, I recently covered the styling tricks that makes one of the coolest French girls I follow, Aïda Sané (the mastermind behind @basicstouch), look even more French. This time, though, I wanted to tap her to dive into the spring trends she’s loving and also not loving as much.

Given that she has a chic minimalist style, I was particularly curious about the simple yet chic looks she’s loving. And given her adoration for more pared-back silhouettes, there were some more out-there trend counterparts that she “doesn’t understand” as much for her personal style. (Keep in mind, however, that this is all based on individual preference

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The 6 Most Photogenic Makeup Trends to Try Right Now

Be honest: How many selfies are cluttering up your camera roll right now? If you’re like us, then the number is probably pretty high. No judgement! It’s a weird time right now, and there’s no shame in snapping a selfie or 50 now and then. As participants in an increasingly digital society, there’s really no avoiding being on camera whether it’s to document our loungewear du jour, or to log into a virtual meeting with our teams as some of us settle into a work-from-home arrangement.

While professional photoshoots won’t be happening anytime soon, the amount of on-camera interfacing we’re all partaking in has reached an all-time high. All this face time has us thinking about the daily makeup habits that need to shift right now if we want to look our best in every photographic circumstance. To help, we called in makeup artist and photographer Jordan Liberty,

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