18 Best Gardenia Perfumes You’ll Want to Wear Every Day

While all of those memories are super comforting, I never once thought, “Oh I love that smell. I want to smell exactly like that right now.” No offense to both my beloved and dearly departed grandmothers. I miss them both and have so much to thank them for, but when it came to choosing a signature fragrance for myself, I never wanted to smell like my grandma or, worse, remind someone else (like a date maybe?!) of their nana.

No, I wanted to forge my own fragrance path, without the baggage. So I said no to gardenias. But, recently, there have been so many new fragrances out there with such fine hints of the scent they’re different from what you might remember of your grandma’s perfume bottle collection. These ones have interesting, unique, and unexpected blends and ingredients. They’re like an exciting homage to the “grandma” classics of long ago, with a fully 21st-century twist.

I’ve rounded up some of the best ones below:

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