The Best Watches From the NBA Restart

The NBA restart is slowly falling into place. Over the course of this week, all 22 teams left in contention made their way to Orlando and slipped into The Bubble. That means that, along with snapshots of prepared meals and gaming equipment, the fit pics are back, with 100% more facemasks, and grail-level watch pairings. As NBA players file off the bus and into their respective Disney hotels this week, GQ spotted a super limited-edition Richard Mille, souped-up Royal Oak, and more than one iconic Rolex. The brick foyers of Disney hotels are a different sort of runway for players but it still feels good to be back: big NBA fits are the crack of thunder before the lightning of actual games.

Damian Lillard’s Rolex Datejust II

In 2009, Rolex tweaked one of its most classic models and introduced the Datejust II. The sequel kept up with modern trends

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100 Vibes from Jason Isbell, Zack Bia, Acyde, and the Corporate Lunch Crew

Not many things in this world make it to 100, and those that do are some of humanity’s greatest treasures: Galapagos turtles, well-adjusted pescatarian inhabitants of the islands in the Aegean Sea—and now, Corporate Lunch.

Yes, Corporate Lunch has made it through 100 episodes of hanging out, talking style, bonding over clothes, and sharing vibes. To celebrate the milestone, we had our pal Andrew Kuo gussy up our image with a whole new logo. We’re 100, and that’s fancy!

We also recorded a Very Special Episode of 100 vibes, a turbo take on our regular end-of-episode feature in which we dish on stuff we dig. To accomplish this doozy, we asked some of our favorite past guests and our fans (you!) to help us beef out the list. It’s sort of like when people get together and read the entirety of Moby Dick aloud, but with more Stüssy and insect-repellant

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Tom Brady’s Watches Have a Lot to Say

How did you personally get started down this road?

I’m not really a collector of anything, really. I’m not really into, like, collecting art, or wine, or cigars, or cars. I collected baseball cards when I was a kid. I bought my first IWC when I was 24, and have been collecting watches ever since then. Now, I probably have 20 or so in my collection.

Do you remember what that first model was?

It must have been a GST of some form—it was just a badass steel watch with a light-colored face. Definitely not white, but more of a gray face. And it was probably the watch that I wore for five or six years. It rarely ever came off my wrist and I still wear it today. I had it serviced, and I know a lot of watch collectors don’t like getting them refinished, but for me, I

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Raf Simons Is Reissuing 100 Archival Grails

Raf Simons is one of the keystone designers of our current archival fashion movement, with his late-’90s coats and early-2000s sweaters collected like works of art—often demanding the prices to match. Now Simons is entering that market with a new project: Raf Simons Archive Redux, which will see the designer reissuing 100 classic pieces on the occasion of its quarter-century anniversary this year. “These garments reflect the shifts of time, highlighting pieces that have an instinctive relevance to the world of today,” reads the press release issued Tuesday morning. “There is no hierarchy or system to the choices: they are pure creative decisions.” In other words: This isn’t just about playing the hits. Perhaps you’ll see coats from the landmark Fall 2003 New Order collection, but you’re just as likely to see the flowing trouser from Fall 2005’s History of My World—one is a foundational grail-culture piece, but the

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Yeezy Received At Least $2 Million In Small Business Loans

Kanye West announced his (alleged) 2020 presidential candidacy this weekend, and he’s not done making civic-minded headlines. Today, the Treasury Department and Small Business Administration released the list of companies that applied for and received money to save jobs and protect wages during the coronavirus pandemic. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin initially planned to keep the list confidential, but many Democrats noisily demanded more transparency into the process. As a result, all the companies that received more than $150,000 are named—and loading the publicly accessible spreadsheet opens up a treasure chest of information. Perhaps the most notable name on the list is the company belonging to none other than the galaxy-brained rapper-designer-presidential hopeful, first spotted by NBC News reporter Leticia Miranda.

Yeezy applied for a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program, itself a portion of the CARES Act, which went into effect in late March. The aim of the program

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Plague Doctor Meets Bird of Paradise: Thomas Finney Is Making the Wildest Masks We’ve Seen Yet

When he first put on the Toucan, Thomas Finney felt transformed. He saw the bright orange, green, blue, and red leather beak hanging from his face and he was no longer himself—and, more importantly, for a moment he wasn’t in the middle of this horrific thing. Up to that point, he’d had a tough pandemic. Since 2016, he’d made a living as a made-to-measure tailor, but the made-to-measure business collapsed when the stay-at-home order went into effect. There was no way to meet with anyone, factories were closed, fabric mills weren’t shipping. He’d been cooped up in his studio apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, trying to imagine how he fit into this new world, trying to think up ways to survive. Designers big and small were getting into the mask business, responding with an endless array of maximalist prints, trying to move past the clinical simplicity of N95s and

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