Rhude Spring 2021: How Do You Put on a Fashion Show During a Pandemic?

Adapt is all Rhude’s Rhuigi Villaseñor has done over the past few months. His new Spring 2021 collection, presented in a video posted to the brand’s website Sunday morning, is emblematic of all the ways fashion has been forced to change in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The collection is more concise, to start. It’s all produced in more traditional—even plodding—ways. Inspiration is pulled from wistful ideas of vacations in beachy locales, and documentaries binged on the couch. The clothes envision a brave new world: how do you sell a suit for men so used to sweats they’re swearing off button-closure pants for life?

This is all a fantastic relief considering the alternative. In March, it was difficult to imagine a near-term future that involved fashion shows and new clothes. Squint your eyes and you might be able to conjure some new wacky knits, collaborative Nike kicks, or maybe

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Rejoice: NBA Players Are Gonna Get Fits Off After All

Injuries, “inadvertent” bubble bursting, positive COVID test results: almost all of the early news coming out of the NBA bubble in Orlando has been hard to hear so far. The cherry on top? Players’ pregame outfit-revealing tunnel walks, the fashion show that has become so foundational to the league’s brand over the past couple of years, would be shelved, too, according to ESPN reporter Nick DePaula. A new policy required players to arrive for games ready to hoop, already in uniform and warmups. “Considering the unique environment on the NBA Disney campus and warmer weather conditions, a different policy was put in place for players’ arrival and entry into the arenas,” a league spokesperson said, according to ESPN.

“That is crazy,” Tucker told ESPN in reaction to the news. “I think that takes away [from] originally what getting dressed was all about. It wasn’t even

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23 Cool Face Masks That’ll Enhance Your Summer Fits

Hopefully by now, you’ve grown accustomed to wearing a mask. You’ve got a few clean ones on hand at home at all times, you’re careful to keep them on in public, and you’re an expert at removing them properly once you’re safely back inside. Now, it’s time to actually look good wearing them, too. Below, we’ve rounded up 23 summery, stylish options to sync up with the rest of your wardrobe. None of these options feel quite right for you? No problem: we’ve got dozens more where they came from.

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Let’s Never Go Back to the Runway

In the spring, designers announced new approaches to fashion week that seemed to add up to a chaotic, decentralized, impossible-to-follow system. But in practice, the new digitalized way of conceptual videos and runway live streams that’s emerged in the last five months is actually proving to be much more consumer oriented and possibly more creative (and certainly more sustainable) than the old runway regime. What if fashion…*stoner voice*…becomes like Coachella… but on Netflix? In other words, what if fashion shows become cool video events—with occasional smaller in-person shows, like concerts that get livestreamed? Each show is like a new chapter in the series, and what shows up in the stores is what shows up in stores, baby!

There will be runways in Paris and Milan this fall. But the recent digital menswear shows suggest that fashion shows may not and should not ever be the same again. For one

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The Best Watches From the NBA Restart

The NBA restart is slowly falling into place. Over the course of this week, all 22 teams left in contention made their way to Orlando and slipped into The Bubble. That means that, along with snapshots of prepared meals and gaming equipment, the fit pics are back, with 100% more facemasks, and grail-level watch pairings. As NBA players file off the bus and into their respective Disney hotels this week, GQ spotted a super limited-edition Richard Mille, souped-up Royal Oak, and more than one iconic Rolex. The brick foyers of Disney hotels are a different sort of runway for players but it still feels good to be back: big NBA fits are the crack of thunder before the lightning of actual games.

Damian Lillard’s Rolex Datejust II

In 2009, Rolex tweaked one of its most classic models and introduced the Datejust II. The sequel kept up with modern trends

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100 Vibes from Jason Isbell, Zack Bia, Acyde, and the Corporate Lunch Crew

Not many things in this world make it to 100, and those that do are some of humanity’s greatest treasures: Galapagos turtles, well-adjusted pescatarian inhabitants of the islands in the Aegean Sea—and now, Corporate Lunch.

Yes, Corporate Lunch has made it through 100 episodes of hanging out, talking style, bonding over clothes, and sharing vibes. To celebrate the milestone, we had our pal Andrew Kuo gussy up our image with a whole new logo. We’re 100, and that’s fancy!

We also recorded a Very Special Episode of 100 vibes, a turbo take on our regular end-of-episode feature in which we dish on stuff we dig. To accomplish this doozy, we asked some of our favorite past guests and our fans (you!) to help us beef out the list. It’s sort of like when people get together and read the entirety of Moby Dick aloud, but with more Stüssy and insect-repellant

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